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Sara Hardy's

 “Life changing!”

 “I was really inspired by all the talks.”

“The stories that were told were amazing and allows for all of us to think.”

 “My favourite parts of the day were the talks and the discussions. Actually, I enjoyed everything!”

“What an awesome event!”

 “Best day ever!”

If you are a woman struggling with the image that you have of your body, this women-only event may be for you. Sara Hardy’s fourth annual Body Image Day at a Nude Lake will take place on Saturday, August 19, 2017 from 9:30 to 4:30 at Sunward Naturist Park, 90 minutes west of Ottawa. 

Your host will be Sara Hardy, a naturist since 2009. For decades, Sara hated her body, was chronically depressed, and lived on a rollercoaster of diets. Learning to love her body helped change all that. 

“I often pinch myself in disbelief that I’m a naturist, because I hated and loathed my body for most of my life and now I can comfortably walk around nude. I also suffered from clinical depression, and my first visit to a naturist resort changed the way I felt about myself. Gradually my depression lessened, I stopped dieting, and I threw out the scale. Today I love my body. Four years ago, I wondered how I could offer a similar experience to other women who were not satisfied with their body - just like I used to be. And so, the Body Image Day at a Nude Lake was born.” ~ Sara Hardy

During the morning session, at which all participants will be dressed, the women naturists will share the fears and insecurities they had about their bodies when they first visited the park. This will be followed by a general discussion. After a pot-luck lunch, there is an optional nude swim in the park’s pristine lake.

Past participants have this to say about the Body Image Day:

at Sunward Naturist Park - Saturday, August 11, 2018

5th Annual Body Image Day

The event is limited to 24 participants. The cost is $40, which covers the park’s entrance fee and incidentals. To register, email Sara Hardy at  If the weather is cold or rainy on the Saturday, the event will be delayed to the following day, Sunday, August 20.

Please note that male and female nudity will be seen on the property.